Ferrite and Bainite Transformation from Austenite Grain Boundary in 0.6 wt% C Steel




1st Paragraph: Bainite shows excellent strength and ductility balance [1]. It is well known that bainitic ferrite (BF, bcc) has a specific crystal orientation relationship between the product phase BF and the mother phase austenite ( fcc), which is called the Kurdjumov-Sachs orientation relationship (KS OR); (111)fcc//(011)bcc, [-101]fcc//[-1-11]bcc. Because of the symmetry of the cubic crystal, twentyfour equivalent crystal orientations (variants) of BF can be formed in a single  grain. When bainite forms from  grain boundaries, it has been reported that twenty-four variants are not equally selected but some specific variants tend to be selected.

Authors: S.Jimbo and S.Nambu

Keywords: steel, bainite transformation, crystal orientation relationship, variant selection

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