Thermodynamics Analysis of Flowing For SHS-Reactions in System Ni-Al Alloys




Abstract: The article is devoted to the thermodynamic analysis of the reactions that are possible at the preparation of intermetallic nickel-aluminum alloys in self-propagating hightemperature synthesis (SHS). Thermodynamic analysis showed that for nickel-aluminum system adiabatic combustion temperature is at the melting point of the final product – the intermetallic compound, which is a sufficient condition for the occurrence of SHS-reaction at normal conditions. Also, on base of thermodynamic analysis, the established sequence of SHS-reactions leading to the formation of nickel-aluminum alloys, which contributes to the elucidation of the mechanism of the process. It is established that the activation energies for the Ni-Al are ~ 45 kJ/mol. The obtained results can be used for further calculations of reactions in the physicochemical model in intermetallic systems under non-stationary temperature conditions.

Authors: Borys Sereda, Yuriy Belokon, Karina Belokon, Dmytro Kruglyak, Irina Kruglyak, and Dmytro Sereda

Keywords: thermodynamic analysis, intermetallic, nickel-aluminum alloys, SHS-reactions

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