Modeling of Processes for the Production of Bassed Alloys TiAl and NiAl in the Conditions of SHS for Aerospace Applications




Abstract: The purpose of the work is to establish the regularities of obtaining non-porous intermetallic alloys and products of a given shape using the plastic properties of the synthesis product at high temperatures. Simulation of the processes of formation of porosity of titanium alloys under non-stationary temperature conditions was carried out. Analysis of the obtained dependence shows that when the compression pressure is increased from 200 to 700 MPa, the porosity decreases and reaches less than 5%. Mathematical modeling of the process was carried out in a specialized computer program. In the solution of the thermodeformation problem of thermochemical pressing of intermetallic alloys with bilateral sealing, the properties of the rheology of synthesized intermetallic alloys were integrated into the computer program. As the compression and exertion effort increases to 20, porosity also becomes smaller. The optimal ratio of selected factors is at the pressure level of 630 MPa, the holding time is 20 seconds, and the dispersion of the titanium powder is 80 microns, the porosity of the sample is reduced to a factor of 1 … 3%.

Authors: Borys Sereda, Yuriy Belokon, Dmytro Sereda, and Irina Kruglyak

Keywords: process simulation, intermetallic alloys, porosity, thermochemical pressing

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