Thermal Stability Improvement of Fungal Mycelium




Abstract: A natural material was explored through cultivating filamentous fungi (Pleurotus ostreatus) with sodium silicate in this paper. The substrate for feeding filamentous fungi was mixed with different concentrations of sodium silicate to improve thermal stability of fungal mycelium. The preliminary characterizations were conducted. There exists an interaction of fungi and sodium silicate in the substrate through the analysis of FTIR results. Additionally, it has proven that fungi growing with sodium silicate with the volume fraction of 1.5% is reflected as great thermal stability at the range from 250 ℃ to 400 ℃. Besides, the SEM analysis showed the fungal hyphae structure are gradually wizened with the increase of sodium silicate. The two-fold effect of sodium silicate on fungal growth was also discussed. Their satisfactory thermal stability makes them an attractive alternative to manufactured fibers used for construction applications.

Authors: Xijin Zhang, Chanjuan Han, Gary Wnek, and Xiong (Bill) Yu

Keywords: Fungal mycelium, sodium silicate, two-fold effect, thermal stability

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