A Novel Styrene-Assisted Monomer Route for Polymer Derived Macroporous SiBCN Ceramic Monolith




Abstract: A novel styrene-assisted monomer route was employed to prepare macroporou silicoboron carbonitride (SiBCN) ceramic. Styrene was intentionally added into the precursor gel generated by the chemical reaction between the two selected organosilicon monomers, namely, tris(dichloromethylsilylethyl)borane and bis(trimethylsilyl)carbodiimide. The formed polymer precursor consisted mainly of boron-containing polysilylcarbodiimide and polystyrene after the removal of liquid byproduct trimethylchlorosilane by vacuum. Upon pyrolysis of the precursor at 1000 C, the as-prepared SiBCN ceramic monolith exhibited the open porosity of 59% and the bulk density of 0.57 g/cm3. The major pores were in tens of micrometers with a few amount of mesopores in the sizes of 6~50 nm.

Authors: Lujiao Yang, Xuan Cheng, and Ying Zhang

Keywords: Porous SiBCN ceramic, Styrene, Polymer Derived Ceramic, Monomer Route

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