Obtaining Surface Coatings Providing Protection against Extreme Conditions of Coke Production




Abstract: The article discusses the production of corrosion resistant aluminized coatings on copper substrates. Corrosion-resistant coatings were obtained in the thermal self-ignition mode of SHS-charge. This type of protection is the most promising and less expensive. In this paper, we investigated the possibility of applying coatings in non-isothermal conditions. The composition of the saturating medium was chosen based on the requirements for corrosion-resistant coatings and the peculiarities of the formation of protective coatings on investigated materials. For the production environment of a coke-chemical enterprise, uneven distribution of aggressive substances in the working area is typical.

Comparative analysis of corrosion resistance of protective coatings obtained in isothermal conditions, showed an increase in corrosion resistance of 1.6-1.8 times, compared with the material treated under isothermal conditions during operation of equipment in terms of coke production.

Authors: Borys Sereda, Dmytro Sereda, Alexander Gaydaenko, and Irina Kruglyak

Keywords: corrosion-resistant coatings, self propagating high-temperature synthesis, coke chemical production

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