An Assessment on the Effects of Lecaniodiscus Cupaniodes Extract and Normalizing Temperature in Corrosion Behaviour of Mild Steel in 0.5 M HCL




Abstract: This research utilized 100% recycled HDPE as a powder coat on mild steel. The recycled HDPE as a powder form was applied to mild steel using electrostatic powder coating equipment. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) analysis revealed that the coating was non-porous and on average, 80 μm thick. Corrosion test was performed in a 5% NaCl salt solution in compliance with ASTM B895-16 and ASTM D610-08 standards. Visual inspection suggested that the samples were corroded mildly as some corrosion products can be seen at the bottom of the beaker. However, no measurable weight loss was found. After corrosion tests, the coated samples were subjected to adhesion tape test according to the ASTM standard D3359 adhesion by tape test. The tape tests provided a 5B, which is the best rating for a tape test, for as coated samples, and a minimum 4B for samples performed immersion tests in salt solution.

Authors: O.O. Joseph, O.A. Omotosho, M.E. Ojewumi, and R.T. Loto

Keywords: normalizing, corrosion, inhibitor, ANOVA, steels, lecaniodiscus cupaniodes

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