Research on Improve the Mechanical Property by Selective Formation of Y-Ti-O Complex Oxide in Ni-Based ODS Alloy




Abstract: Y2O3 is mainly applied as a dispersoid in Ni-based oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) alloys. The added Y2O3 reacts with Ti and Al at a temperature above 1150℃ to form a complex oxide such as Y-Ti-O or Y-Al-O. However, previous studies have shown that Y-Al-O complex oxide has relatively coarser particles than Y-Ti-O.

In this study, Ti was first added to form Y-Ti-O complex oxide, which has relatively fine particles. Subsequently, Al was added to inhibit the formation of Y-Al-O complex oxide, thus improving the hightemperature mechanical properties of ODS alloys. Ni-based ODS alloy powders with composition Ni-15CrxTi- 1.1Y2O3 were mechanically alloyed using a planetary mill. Thereafter, the mechanically alloyed powders were heat treated to form a complex oxide of Y-Ti-O. A second mechanical alloying was performed by adding 4.5 wt.% Al to the heat treated powders. The products obtained after the second alloying were sintered by SPS. The sintered specimens analyzed using a XRD, TEM and hot hardness meter.

Authors: Chun Woong Park, Won June Choi, Jong Min Byun, and Young Do Kim

Keywords: ODS alloys, mechanical alloying, high temperature properties, complex oxide

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