Phase Diagram and Mechanical Properties of a CoCrFeNi₁₋ₓTiₓ High Entropy Alloy Fabricated by Mechanical Alloying




Abstract: High entropy alloys (HEA) have gained significant interest from researchers in recent years due to their potential to outperform conventional alloys in many applications, especially in high temperature, tribological, and biomedical engineering applications. In this study, a phase diagram of the CoCrFeNi1-xTix alloy system produced by the Calculation of Phase Diagrams (CALPHAD) method is presented. The developed diagram was used to select a non-equiatomic composition of the CoCrFeNi1-xTix alloy that results in a single face-centered cubic (FCC) solid solution phase. Using the selected composition, a HEA was fabricated by mechanical alloying and characterized for its structural evolution and mechanical properties. Sintering was employed for the consolidation of the powders. This study capitalizes on the use of computational methods for the effective design of HEAs with predetermined structures for desired applications.

Authors: Geraldine Anis, Mostafa Youssef, Moataz Attallah, and Hanadi G. Salem

Keywords: High Entropy Alloys, CALPHAD, Mechanical Alloying, Powder Metallurgy

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