Exploring 3-D Reciprocal Space: A Powerful Tool to Answer Basic and Applied Material Science Questions at 33BM APS




Abstract: The efficient exploration of large volumes of reciprocal space, made possible by the introduction of high frame rate and low noise x-ray area detectors. This allows for rapid characterization of a sample’s structure and morphology, as well as all of its crystalline phases, and their orientations can be determined simultaneously. This method is particularly powerful if not all the constituent phases (and the corresponding locations of their diffraction signals) are known, and aids in the discovery of unexpected phenomena or crystal structures. Along with the various sample environments that allow in-situ, to transform the structure and properties of solid, liquid, and gas materials, as well as their interfaces at Advance Photon Source 33 Bending Magnet Beamline. This represents a very powerful and versatile state of the art facility that can achieve answers relatively quickly to very complicated and innovative new materials studies.

Author: Evguenia Karapetrova

Keywords: Diffraction, X-ray, Crystal Structure

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