Interaction Between Biopolymers Derived from Biofilms and Various Metallic Materials




Abstract: Biofilms form on materials’ surfaces by bacterial activities. Their properties depend on the combination of materials and bacteria. For this project, we classified the materials into three types: metals (alloys), ceramics, and polymers. We focused on metallic materials because the interaction between their ions and polymeric substances would be very important for analyzing the behavior and effects of biofilms on materials. However, this type of investigation has been insufficient so far, even though the interaction between metallic ions and bacteria themselves were investigated and analyzed to some extent. In this study, we showed how the interaction between metallic materials and biofilms behaviors change according to the combinations of both components. We also discussed the mechanism for the change.

Authors: Hideyuki Kanematsu, Ryo Itoh, Dana Barry, Yuta Sakagami, Noriyuki Wada, Nobumitsu Hirai, Akiko Ogawa, Takeshi Kogo, Daisuke Kuroda, and Katsuhiko Sano

Keywords: biofilms, Raman spectroscopy, EPS

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