Comparison of In-Situ Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite Processes




Abstract: Metal matrix composites (MMCs) are used in the automotive and aerospace industries to decrease overall product weight while increasing component strength, wear resistance, and high temperature tensile properties. In situ methods for creating MMCs offer better matrix-particle bonding, and reduction in contamination as compared with ex situ processes. This research focuses on two in situ processing methods. The first process involves reacting a mixture of elemental powders in the melt to form titanium carbides. The second method utilizes ceramic precursor polymers that are added to the melt, where they pyrolyze to produce silicon carbide particles. This study reports the effect of process conditions on the resulting microstructure.

Authors: A. Gladstein, C. Reese, and A. Taub

Keywords: Metal matrix composite, in-situ, aluminum, polymer derived ceramics

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