Optimizing T61 Heat Treatment for LPDC Cast Aluminum Alloys




Abstract: Automotive parts are one of the most complex and overloaded components of engines and wheels. For this reason, aluminum part alloys must have high thermal conductivity, high temperature and load resistance to achieve sufficient strength and hardness for processing and installation at room temperature. Cast aluminum alloy 354 is widely used in automotive industry, thanks to its castability and mechanical properties. The present study was carried out to investigate the effects of T61, on the microstructure and tensile properties of 354 casting alloy. This study, focus on improvement of mechanical properties by subjecting cast 354 aluminum alloys to modified heat treatments. T61 treatment adopted by different aging temperatures and cycle times. As a result, series of heat treatment experiments, the T61 heat treatment process was optimized with improved elongation and higher mechanical properties for 354 cast aluminum parts.

Author: Engin Kilinc

Keywords: 354 Alloy, low pressure die casting, mechanical properties, heat treatment, cast aluminum alloys

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