Design of an Experimental Die to Assess The Mechanical Properties of a HPDC Casting with High Flow Length within the Framework of an Internet of Production




Abstract: The interdisciplinary research project “Internet of Production” at RWTH Aachen University uses the HPDC process as a key demonstrator. In order to enable an investigation of the relationship between the operating point of the HPDC cell and the casting’s resulting mechanical properties a new die has been designed. The die can accommodate sensors for direct pressure and temperature measurement of the molten metal as well as delivering over 40 discrete temperature readings from the die itself. Every signal of the HPDC cycle can be routed through the machine’s PLC and exported via the OPC-UA interface to a data lake that can serve as a basis for the application of mathematically driven models. The die and the sensor network is presented as well as initial process simulations that outline the expected thermal and fluid mechanical evolution of the alloy during the HPDC process.

Authors: Maximilian Rudack, Andreas Bührig-Polaczek, and Uwe Vroomen

Keywords: HPDC, die design, OPC-UA, process simulation, flow length, shot sleeve, structural alloy

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