Production of High-Quality Aircraft Magnesium Alloys Castings Using Carbon-Containing Materials




Abstract: In this work, it has been studied the possibilities and has been obtained the regularities of improving the structure and properties of magnesium alloys by modifying and refining them with carbon-bearing materials. The optimal additives of the carbon-bearing modifier are established and its influence on the structure formation and mechanical properties of castings is studied. It is shown that carbon materials change the parameters of the eutectic transformation in the alloy, providing refinement of the structural components of the metal and a noticeable increase in its mechanical properties.

Various carbon-bearing materials for filtration the magnesium melt were tested and investigated. A comprehensive filter that provides an increased degree of melt refining for highquality casting is proposed. The structure and properties of a cast Mg-Mn-Zn-Al alloy are investigated when it is filtered with carbon-containing materials. It is shown that the use of a complex carbon-bearing filter provides not only effective refinement of the melt but also its additional modification.

The developed technology of modification and refinement of casting Magnesium alloys with carbon-bearing materials provides the increase in the outcome of quality casting as well as in economic effect.

Authors: Vadim Shalomeev, Valeriy Naumik, Nikita Aikin, and Sergei Sheyko

Keywords: magnesium alloy, carbon-containing materials, filtration, modification, refining, micrograin, mechanical properties

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