Development of High Ductility Al-Zn-Mg Casting Alloys for Automotive Structural Components




Abstract: Lightweighting is a key method to improve fuel efficiency in automobiles powered by internal combustion engines or to extend the range of electric vehicles. Consequently, automotive manufacturers are replacing ferrous structural components with those made of aluminum alloys. For these applications, the alloys require high elongation (EL~10%) and moderate yield strength (YS~130-200 MPa). This research developed a range of Al-Zn-Mg alloys that meet these mechanical property requirements. The alloys were cast in HPDC and tested for tensile properties in both the F and T4-tempers. The results suggest that in the F-temper, the alloys had YS and EL in the range of 130-190 MPa and 8-11%, respectively. In the T4-temper, the YS and EL increased to a range of 150-205 MPa and 10-14%, respectively depending on the alloy composition. Based on the results, these alloys offer a superior combination of properties to the current structural die casting alloys such as Silafont-36.

Authors: A. Lombardi, G. Byczynski, C. Wu, X. Zeng, S. Shankar, G. Birsan, and K. Sadayappan

Keywords: High Pressure Die Casting, Automotive Structural Components, Aluminum Alloys

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