Numerical Simulation of Temperature Distribution and Material Flow during Friction Stir Welding of Magnesium Alloy




Abstract: Magnesium alloys are widely used in aerospace industries and are very prospective to use in automotive industry, but the joining of Mg-based alloys by means of fusion welding techniques causes a number of difficulties. The solid-state joining techniques, such as friction stir welding (FSW), can be successfully used to join this type of alloys. In the present research parameters of FSW are selected to produce defect-free joints, the CFD modeling was used to describe the temperature field and material flow during FSW of magnesium alloy. Developed model was used to determine the temperature field and material flow around the tool.

Authors: Evgenii N. Rylkov, Anton A. Naumov, Fedor Yu. Isupov, Oleg V. Panchenko, and Anatoliy A. Popovich

Keywords: Friction stir welding; CFD simulation; Temperature field; Material flow; Mg alloy

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