Development of Dissimilar Metal Joints Porosity Evaluation Method




Abstract: Welded metal porosity significantly influences the mechanical properties of dissimilar metal joints. In this study, the development of porosity evaluation method was held using the sample of welded-soldered zinc coated steel and Al-Mg-alloy plates joint. Porosity distribution was calculated by using image processing and fitting of the data, obtained by X-ray tomography (XRT). The porosity distribution obtained as a result of the calculation is anisotropic, and it depends mainly on the distance from the center of the welding pool.

Authors: Kurushkin Dmitry, Mushnikov Igor, Rylkov Evgenii, Isupov Fedor, and Panchenko Oleg

Keywords: welding, soldering, dissimilar metal joints, porosity, X-ray tomography, image processing, ellipsoidal fitting

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