Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis in Fatigue Life of Welded Joint Using Crystal Plasticity Simulations




Abstract: A numerical framework has been developed to predict fatigue life of welded joints by using crystal plasticity finite element method. The purpose of the present study is to evaluate the uncertainty propagation and the sensitivities of various input parameters on fatigue life using the developed numerical framework. Probability distributions of shape and microstructural parameters in welded joints were obtained from experimental data. The fatigue crack initiation life was stochastically evaluated by inputting these parameters to the physical models. A global sensitivity analysis was performed in order to quantify the influence of the shape and microstructural parameters on the fatigue life. The model considering the effect of microstructural distribution showed larger scattering in the fatigue crack initiation life than the macroscopic model.

Authors: Takayuki Shiraiwa, Fabien Briffod, and Manabu Enoki

Keywords: Fatigue, Welded joint, Crystal plasticity, Uncertainty, Sensitivity analysis

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