Properties of Various Phases in Al Powertrain Alloys: A Review




Abstract: Recently, weight reduction in next generation automotive designs has attracted a great deal of attention in the automotive industry. This interest led to extensive use of aluminum alloys in design and manufacture of cars. Aluminum alloys may have distinct intermetallic phases and microstructure that leads to different mechanical characteristics. This work aims at reviewing the most effective intermetallics for improving the high-temperature strength and creep resistance of powertrain Al alloys. Specifically, the effect of each phase on the mechanical characteristics of the alloy is discussed to help identifying potential Al systems for powertrain applications. In addition, this work presents information on the most important strengthening mechanism in Al alloys to assist automotive manufacturers in making informed decisions when developing next generation powertrain Al alloys.

Authors: Ermia Aghaie and Dimitry Sediako

Keywords: Aluminum alloys, Intermetallics, Powertrain

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