Research on the Grain Refining and Heat Treatment Process of AlSi9Cu1Mg Alloy




Abstract: Lightweight of automobile is one of the most important research directions in automobile industry, and it is usually achieved by developing advanced manufacturing technology by adopting lightweight materials. Aluminum alloy is widely used in automobile since it has low density, suitable mechanical properties, excellent corrosion resistance, weldability, and formability. A new kind of aluminum alloy (AlSi9Cu1Mg) is used for a new energy automobile frame product, in this paper, a grain refining process and a heat treatment processes for AlSi9Cu1Mg aluminum alloy are proposed to improve its mechanical properties. The experiments in this paper shows that the tensile strength and hardness of the AlSi9Cu1Mg alloy with certain grain refining and heat treatment can reach 320 MPa and 127 HB correspondingly , the mechanical properties of AlSi9Cu1Mg alloy meet the demand of parts on vehicles.

Authors: Quan Liu, Feng-guang Li , Rui Guo, Hao Li, Shao-Feng Lv, Zhi-sheng Xia, Ya-Chen He, and Jia-Bo Li

Keywords: AlSi9Cu1Mg; grain refinement; Al-5Ti-1B; heat treatment

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