Porosity Management in High Pressure Aluminum Die Castings




Abstract: In order to provide appropriate strength for transportation applications the porosity in high pressure aluminum die castings must be minimized and also managed in a way that is not detrimental to the intended service use. All high-pressure aluminum die castings have residual porosity and so the management of porosity morphology (porosity size shape and distribution) to the end use is paramount. Porosity has a profound impact on the final mechanical properties of the die casting. With this in mind we will discuss tools and priorities for reducing porosity to practical minimum values and also the management of the residual porosity morphology to the optimum areas by use of neutral thermal axis and other techniques. The potential sources of porosity make a very long list and in many cases are nonintuitive. The ability to correctly identify and verify the potential sources is a valuable skill that all die casters need.

Authors: Dan Alan Beabout

Keywords: Porosity, Automotive Aluminum, Light Metals, High Pressure Die Castings, Aluminum Castings

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