Numerical Investigation of Significant Process Parameters in a Tempered Deep Drawing Process of Magnesium Sheet Metal




Abstract: The aim of this stochastic FEM – forming – simulation study, based on a Latin hypercube variation, is avoidance of splits and the reduction of wrinkles during the deep drawing process. This can be achieved in a targeted manner by locally adaptable blank holder forces in the process. For this purpose, the temperature – controlled forming process of a scaled car door inner panel was simulated with the commercial FEM simulation software AutoForm┬« R7. To determine the individual parameter influences and their mutual interaction, the simulation model was set up with a material mapping for tempered forming processes, in consideration of different temperature ranges and strain rates, with those the mutual dependencies could be identified on the basis of the variation of the input variables.

Authors: Stefan Walzer and Mathias Liewald

Keywords: Magnesium, Hotforming, Sheet Metal

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