Advanced Titanium Alloys with Tailored Properties for Aerospace and Automotive Applications




Abstract: In general, Titanium alloys combine outstanding mechanical properties with corrosion resistance and are, therefore, used in many challenging applications. Nevertheless, for special products, well-tailored properties are needed which might not be achievable by a specific design so that new or modified alloys are needed. Alloy development strategies performed at the Institute for Materials of the TU Braunschweig are discussed at three different examples, including (1) oxidation-resistant, microstructural-stabilised and cold-workable alloys for exhaust applications and (2) mediumstrength alloys based on CP-Titanium containing oxygen and iron as major alloying elements for conventional part production and additive manufacturing. For these alloys, powder handling in air is possible. (3) Finally, free-machining alloys by the addition of particles with low melting points for non-safety critical constructions to replace heavier steels are discussed. A special focus is set on alloy development techniques and analyses carried out to achieve well-balanced properties by the optimisation of the alloy compositions.

Authors: Carsten Siemers, Florian Brunke, and Martin Bäker

Keywords: titanium, titanium alloys, alloy development, oxidation-resistant titanium, oxygen-containing titanium alloys, free-machining titanium alloys

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