Computational Study and Microstructural Analysis of AA2024 Strips Processed via the Horizontal Single Belt Casting Technique




Abstract: Horizontal Single Belt Casting (HSBC) is an emerging Near Net Shape Casting process designed to produce strip products. Understanding the heat, mass and fluid flows during a casting process is needed to provide insights into its effects on resulting surface quality and microstructures. A two-dimensional transient turbulent model, including heat transfer, based on ANSYS Fluent, was used to model the HSBC of AA2024 alloy strips. The computational model was used to investigate the turbulent behavior of the liquid metal, the interaction between the liquid metal phase and ambient air on the delivery system, and the temperature profile of the liquid metal phase. The computational results were validated by HSBC experimental work, so as to produce strips of A A2024 alloy. The quality of the strip’s surfaces and microstructures were evaluated.

Authors: Justin Lee, Mihaiela Isac, and Roderick Guthrie

Keywords: Horizontal Single Belt Casting, AA2024, Computational Fluid Dynamics

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