Effects of Titanium on Active Bonding between Sn3.5Ag4Ti(Ce,Ga) Alloy Filler and GaAs Substrate




Abstract: The effects of Titanium on active bonding between Sn3.5Ag4Ti(Ce,Ga) and GaAs Substrate has been studied. The microstructure of the bonding interface, the distribution of the elements, and the new phases formed at the interface were explored. The titanium element could be found to obviously segregate at the GaAs/Sn3.5Ag4Ti(Ce,Ga) interface, and some continuous reaction product was formed at the joint interface which was conformed to be Ga4Ti5 phase by transmission electron microscopy(TEM). The possibility and mechanism of interface reaction have been explored base on the reaction thermodynamics theories. Both theoretical analysis and experimental results suggest that the chemical adsorption of active element Ti on the GaAs substrate interface plays an important role in the initial bonding stage, and the interface reaction between Ti and GaAs to generate reactants is the main mechanism of bonding.

Authors: Xiaoqiang Wang, Yue Zhi, Hongwei Luo, Zhigang Cai, and Lanxian Cheng

Keywords: Active Element Ti, Mechanism, Bonding, Interfaces

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