Additive Manufacturing for the Fabrication of Pylon in Lower Limb Prosthesis




Abstract: Additive manufacturing has been a successful method for creating medical devices such as hand prostheses, dental implants, and bone implants. With regards to prostheses, additive manufacturing has shown promise in being able to produce low-cost custom made devices without the need for cast or molding techniques. This study evaluates a 3D printed transtibial prosthesis under the same standards that are met by a traditionally made devices. The 3D printed device is tested for its compliance with the standards set by ISO 1038:2016. The tests conducted in this experiment include a static ultimate compression test and a separate structural test in torsion. Each of these tests will be discussed in depth. Furthermore, the overall effectiveness of the 3D printed prosthesis will be compared to a traditionally made lower limb transtibial prosthesis.

Authors: Fariborz Tavangarian, Camila Proano

Keywords: Additive manufacturing; Lower limb prosthesis; Polylactic acid; Pylon

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