Welding and Joining at Microscale and Nanoscale: A Perspective




Abstract: Welding and joining is an important part of manufacturing from macro- to micro- and nano-scale. This paper reviews recent progress and challenges in microjoining and nanojoining especially as compared to welding and joining at macroscale. Examples will be provided to explain how fundamental concepts, such as oxide removal process established in macroscopic welding and joining, can be used to develop joining processes at micro- and nano-scale. Another example is that alloying elemental vaporization during laser welding was well shown in changing fusion zone chemistry and mechanical properties. This knowledge has been utilized to develop a novel laser processing technology to make smart alloys smarter. On the other hand, case studies will be provided to show how research work on microjoining and nanojoining has fundamentally expanded our understanding of the science and technology of welding and joining. For examples, nano-effects such as optical properties of nanomaterials has been explored in femtosecond laser joining of nanowires.

Authors: Y. Norman Zhou

Keywords: Welding and joining, Microjoining, Nanojoining,
Fundamentals, Applications

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