The Influence of Processing Parameters on Strut Diameter and Internal Porosity in Ti6Al4V Cellular Structure




Abstract: Ti6Al4V cellular structures were fabricated by selective laser melting using a wide range of processing parameters. Optical and scanning electron microscopy were employed to analyze the influence of laser power and scan speed on the strut diameter and the internal porosity. Strut diameter was found to be dependent on the input energy. It increased with increasing the input energy density. As for the internal porosity, at low laser power and high scan speed discontinuity within the struts and defects with entrapped non molten powder particles were observed. While at intermediate laser power and scan speed irregular defects caused by lack of fusion were formed. At high laser power and low scan speed large pores were about 70μm were formed.

Authors: H. Salem, L.N. Carter, M.M. Attallah, and H.G. Salem

Keywords: Selective laser melting, lattice structure, processing parameters, porosity

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