Engineering Nano-Structure of Perovskite Ceramics




Production Nano-ceramics (fibers, films, and Nano-powder) and Engineering of nanostructure and morphology is one of the areas that is interesting to researchers. Properties of ceramics with Nanostructure made them useful materials. Spin coating, Centrifugal spinning, among of different methods to make nanofibers, and films have used. In this paper, all of the forms of nanostructure were successfully obtained via the sol-gel route. Samples were sintered at different temperatures, soaking times and rate of heating. The phase compositions were identified by X-ray diffraction (XRD). The microstructure of the samples was observed by SEM and TEM. Experimental results indicated that a well-developed crystallinity and an ideal morphology, from Nano to micro-scales, could be synthesized above decomposition polymer. The crystallinity and morphology of grains are sensitive to the reaction temperature and soaking time. However, image analysis indicates that sintering temperature had a great impact on the crystallinity and grain size of the samples.

Authors: Habibollah Aminirastabi, Dongliang Peng, Gouli Ji, and Hao Xue

Keywords: Perovskite ceramics, Fiber, Film, Sol-Gel, Nano-structure, grain growth

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