Programming Nanoparticle Assembly for Silica-Based Ionogels




Abstract: Organic salts with melting temperatures below 100 oC (more commonly known as ionic liquids (ILs)) are unique and fascinating entities primarily because they are molecular systems composed solely of wholly mobile ions [1]. This feature reveals that ILs, by design, have relatively high ionic conductivities. In addition to this property, ionic liquids have broad electrochemical potential windows, are good solubilizers for a wide range of chemical polarities, have negligible volatility and, as a consequence, are thermally stable. The physico-chemical properties of ILs are dependent on the ion pair. However, the set of possible ion pairs is near limitless and the library of ILs continuously grows. For these reasons the range of applications for ILs is rather extensive. ILs are considered as next generation solvents that will steadily replace volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in chemical formulations.

Authors: Ruel McKenzie, Sainath Jadhav, Marisa Tukpah, and Daria Lazarenko

Keywords: nanoparticles, ionic liquids, gels, assembly

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