Self-Organized 3D Networks of Tetragonal CuFe₂O₄




Abstract: CuFe2O4 (Copper ferrite) is a functional material that shows high catalytic activity, high electronic conductivity, and high thermal stability. Self-organized and self-supported nanostructures of tetragonal CuFe2O4 have been produced in this work by a combination of blend electrospinning and thermal oxidation. A mixture of Iron nitrate non-ahydrate in ethanol together with PVP in ethanol was used as the precursor solution for electrospinning. A Cu grid (200 mesh, 51 micron diameter) was used as the template. The nanofibrous configurations of CuFe2O4 obtained have a band gap energy of ~2eV and can be used as visible light photocatalysts for water splitting and hydrogen production.

Authors: Gagan Jodhani and Pelagia-Irene Gouma


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