Three-Dimensional Mapping of Topological Relicts of Symmetry Breaking in Functional Nanomaterials




Abstract: Ferroic materials described by Landau theory of symmetry-breaking have had a substantial impact on fundamental science and various applications. Numerous types of topological order in ferroics (ferromagnets, ferroelectrics, ferroelastics, multiferroics) are even more numerous and enigmatic than different types of symmetry-breaking, and consequently, topological phase transitions in ferroics become one of the key fundamental problems and a widely-studied subject in the scientific community. Here, we utilize state of the art X-ray Bragg coherent diffractive imaging in consort with Landau theoretical modelling to image in 3D topological defects in ferroelectric BaTiO3 nanocrystal. Bragg coherent diffractive imaging is amenable to imaging defects and dynamics in a large host of materials.

Authors: Dmitry Karpov and Edwin Fohtung


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