Continuous Severe Plastic Deformation Methods




Abstract: Materials with average grain size lower than 1 μm gets great attention due to their superior mechanical properties. There are many studies in this subject with different deformation principles. Different kind severe plastic deformation methods have been widely being used at various process temperature and geometries. Besides manufacturing advantages of severe plastic deformation technique, most of types are being used only at laboratory level. They cannot be adapted to industrial usage due to their continuous manufacturability and manufacturing costs. In order to enhance these manufacturing difficulties and enable widespread usage of ultra-fine grained materials, different kinds of methods have been developed. In this review, a literature research was fulfilled in order to highlight continuous severe plastic deformation advantages.

Authors: Aslı G. Bulutsuz and Mehmet Emin Yurci

Keywords: Severe Plastic Deformation, Ultrafine Grain, ECAP, Conform, Incremental SPD Methods

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