Development of Nitinol Alloys for Additive Manufacturing




Abstract: Nickel-titanium (Nitinol) shape memory alloys exhibit unique properties, such as the shape memory effect and superelasticity. The shape memory effect occurs when the alloy is deformed in the martensitic state then heated above its transformation temperature where it reverts to austenite and returns to its original shape. The role of gas atomization parameters, chemical composition, and particle size distribution of Nitinol powder are studied in relation to the transformation temperature. Typical particle sizes utilized in selective laser melting (SLM) and directed energy deposition (DED) additive manufacturing (AM) processes are examined. The influence of re-melting the powder and the subsequent solidification effects, as would be seen in SLM, are studied in relation to the transformation temperature.

Authors:Kerri M. Horvay and Christopher T. Schade

Keywords: Additive Manufacturing, SLM, Nitinol, Transformation Temperature

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