Updated Advances in Coherent Poly-Propagation of Diffracted White Light in Natural Silicates




Abstract: This presentation will discuss advances in the continued research of naturally occurring silicate materials that were introduced during MS&T17. These materials are made of highly ordered silicon nano-spheres with sphere sizes that affect photonic control by exhibiting coherent polypropagation (CPP). This update will expand on the earlier discussion regarding the CPP property of these materials to propagate diffracted incident light as well as propagation of the shape of the incident light. A prime advancement is the discovery that some specimens of these materials demonstrate CPP in addition to up/downconversion under benign conditions. Potential applications may include astronomy, microscopy, security and communications issues such as: photonic simultaneous messaging and phase message coding with the ability for error/tamper checking.

Authors:Michelle R. Stem

Keywords: photonics, metamaterial, Stokes, anti-Stokes, upconversion, silicates, energy, microscopy, communications, fiber-optics, security, coherent polypropagation, CPP, diffraction

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