Archeometallurgy, Heritage and Preservation Study of Iron Bridge over Mendoza River




Abstract: The present work arises from the intention on the part of the Town Hall of Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina to restore the Iron Bridge (1898) previously declared of patrimonial interest, which is in full use being an important means of communication. It consists of seven sections of 40.6 m each and distances of the main beams is 5.80 m. The metallographic studies confirm that the structure of the bridge is made of forged iron, the chemical composition, thickness measurement, hardness was determined. The corresponding traction and Charpy tests were carried out for the exhaustive characterization of the bridge manufacturing material. His survey allowed to observe the state of conservation, evaluation of the corrosive state. This work deals with the tasks carried out for its Restoration, from the corrosive state to the welding or replacement with similar material and the protocol of surface preparation and painting of the same.

Authors: Patricia Silvana Carrizo

Keywords: Iron, Heritage, Vibrations , Composition, Traction, Restoration

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