Conservation of a Historical Coin from 1853 Rescued in the Fortin Villa 25 de Mayo-Mendoza




Abstract: This article deals with the cleaning treatment of an old copper coin (1853) and the conservation problems. The objective of the research was to study metallographically the coin found in archaeological rescue in Fort of Villa May 25 in San Rafael, Mendoza and apply an appropriate method of cleaning and subsequent conservation of it. To achieve this, first, the composition of the metal is analyzed with X-ray fluorescence equipment, subsequent study of micro hardness and the structure of the material was studied by metallograpic microscope. Then, the speciment was cleaned in an electrolytic cell, the adequate oxidation potential of the sacrificial anode to be combined with the coin material was studied, a good practical and economical cleaning method was found. Finally, an additional work is done for its conservation and exhibition in the museum.

Authors: Patricia Silvana Carrizo

Keywords: copper coin, con servation, cleaning method

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