The Methodological Principles of the Engineering of Tribocoupling Details Surface under Multicomponent Loading




Abstract: The wear regularities of tribocoupling under complex dynamic contact loading. Recommendations are given for controlling the wear resistance of friction units. Methods for determining wear resistance and estimating the engineering of the tribocoupling details surface under multicomponent dynamic loading by the tribospectral method and the variation value in the electronic work function over the contact surface are suggested. The possibility of controlling the details wear rate using the formation features of the skin nanostructural state is shown. The principles of details surface engineering of complex dynamic contact loading are recommended. The practical application examples of the surface engineering methods of increased wear resistance are considered. The prospects of using free macroradicals in tribocoupling for controlling the skin nanostructural state and the tribological properties of the contact zone are shown, as well as in finishing the tribocoupling details with the use of granular abrasive material.

Authors: V.V. Tsyganov and L. I. Ivschenko

Keywords: wear, three-dimensional loading, friction, surface layer

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