Validation of Methods for Mechanical and Microstructural Property Measurement of Sub-Standard Sized SLM Test Specimens




Abstract: An efficient SLM product characterization method is developed and validated which involves optical strain measurement of sub-standard sized test specimens. The advantage of this method over conventional testing methods is the efficient testing, producing accurate results, with less raw material. The study focuses on the mechanical and microstructural properties of Ti-6Al-4V and stainless steel 316L components. Two series of samples; 40 mm and 20 mm long flat dog bones of both metals have been produced. Tensile and low cycle fatigue tests were carried out to establish localized mechanical behavior. Tensile properties were analyzed using DIC. Mechanical properties are compared with standard sized specimens, built via SLM as well as wrought, for quantitative comparison of the test method. The fracture surfaces from both tensile and fatigue tests were analyzed using SEM. The observed microstructural details of the as-built components and fractured components under tensile and cyclic loads will be discussed.

Authors: Tanni Alam, Jonathan Raush, Congyuan Zeng, and Shengmin Guo

Keywords: Additive manufacturing, Selective laser melting, Mechanical properties

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