A Novel TiN Formation Method on the Ti-Added Ferritic Stainless Steel




Abstract: The behavior of titanium and nitrogen in 11Cr ferritic stainless steels containing various Ti contents was investigated using gas nitriding to form TiN layer at the outmost surface. After gas nitriding, TiN thin layer was formed on the ferritic stainless steel surface by diffusing of the Ti from interior to surface because of high affinity with nitrogen. The thickness of TiN layer was increased with increasing the Ti content in the stainless steel which has the range of 0.4~1.0 Ti mass percent. And the surface chromaticity (b*) was increased with increasing the Ti and N content in the TiN layer with high surface corrosion resistance.

Authors: JungHyun Kong and SangSeok Kim

Keywords: TiN, Nitriding, Ferritic Stainless Steel

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