Study on Manufacturing Technology of High Purity DD5 Alloy




Abstract: In order to satisfy the strictly control of the trace elements, gas impurities and metallurgical inclusion of DD5 alloy for an engine, the manufacturing technology of high purity DD5 alloy was studied. By means of technology such as, optimizing raw material, optimization of filtering system, elaboration control key process, the problem such as many non-metallic inclusions and low purity were solved, and low sulfur content and high purity DD5 alloy was successfully prepared. At the same time, the purity of various test scheme materials was evaluated by using the method of purity identification, such as scum test, electrolytic corrosion.

Authors: Huaxia Zhang, Guohong Ma, Yu Meng, Xujie Wan, and Ang Yu

Keywords: DD5;High purity;Metallurgical inclusion;Electrolytic extraction

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