Flow Field Simulation Study on the Iron Ore Particle in Fluidized Magnetization Roasting Reactor




Abstract: In this paper, the distribution behavior of iron ore particles with different particle sizes and shapes in laboratory fluidized magnetization roasting furnaces is studied, the uniformity of iron ore particles distributed in the reactor is the evaluation criterion.The distribution of different particle size (P80=24.69μm,92.45μm, 178.87μm, 265.35μm), different particle shape factor (1.2,1.4, 1.6,1.8) of the iron materials are investigated in the reactor. The results indicate that: when the particle size is P80=92.45μm and the particle shape factor is 1.2, the iron particles in the reactor are most uniformly distributed, the contact between gas and iron ore particles is the best, the effect of gas-solid reaction is also the first-rate,it is predicted that the corresponding test index is also the best, the simulation results are consistent with the experimental results. The results of this study can provide an important reference for the optimization of particle parameters in the process of iron ore fluidized magnetization roasting.

Authors: Qiang Zhao and Jilai Xue

Keywords: iron ore, flow field simulation, particle, fluidized magnetization roasting, shape factor

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