Thermodynamics Study of Siderite Fluidized Magnetization Roasting Process




Abstract: The effective utilization and low cost process of siderite resource remains a unresolved problem, fluidized magnetization roasting is one of the most promising potential industrial application now. In this paper, thermodynamics calculation and analysis had been carried out.The results indicated that: the decomposition of FeCO3 to Fe3O4 was the leading reaction, strongly proceeded in the temperature range 500~ 700℃ and later stabilized.The reaction of other non-dominant elements (Si,Ca,Mg,Al) happened within the system.With the increase of temperature, it started producing a small amount of FeSiO3,FeAl2O4 and CaFe2O4,etc. The formation of the above minerals was the precursor to the formation of liquid phase, reducing gas could be prevented smoothly into particles, reducing iron grade and recovery rate, therefore, low temperature and short time was the effective way to enhance the magnetization roasting effect. The study can provide reference for reducing energy consumption and engineering optimization for siderite fluidized magnetization roasting.

Authors: Qiang Zhao and Jilai Xue

Keywords: siderite,fluidization,magnetizing roast,thermodynamics,energy-saving

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