In-Situ Fabrication of Electro-Mechanical Structures Using Multi-Material and Multi-Process Additive Manufacturing




Abstract: Additive Manufacturing has traditionally been used either as a single process with individual or multiple materials of the same type thus limiting its application towards fabricating functional “heterogeneous” components. In this manuscript, we report our research towards in-situ fabrication of heterogenous functional constructs, namely electronics with customized properties using distinct materials processed using different processes. We developed toolpath post-processing methodologies to facilitate this in-situ fabrication on an in-house custom multi-process multimaterial 3D printer. The materials employed in this research are off-the-shelf UV curable photosensitive-polymer and conductive polymer. The results of this research on customizable constructs could provide an enabling platform for a wide array of applications such as MEMS and embedded sensors.

Authors:Tushar Saini, Kashish Dhal, and Panos S. Shiakolas

Keywords: In-situ Additive Manufacturing, Post Processing, Heterogenous Constructs, 3D Print Electronics, Fused Filament Fabrication, Pneumatic Extrusion

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