The Influences of Soaking Temperature and Over-Aging Temperature on the Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Low Carbon DP980




Abstract: Low Carbon DP980 was successfully prepared using the Gleeble 3500 thermal simulator based on continuous annealing line (CAL) process parameters. Meanwhile, the microstructures and mechanical properties under different soaking temperatures and over-aging temperatures were studied. The soaking temperature had a significant effect on the microstructures and mechanical properties of DP980. At lower soaking temperature the strength was lowered and the total elongation was improved owning to the decomposition of carbides and the recrystallization of ferrite, and the strength was increased because of the transformation of austenite at higher soaking temperature. When the over-aging temperature was below 300°C, the microstructures and mechanical properties changed slightly. However, after the over-aging temperature was above 300°C, the promoting decomposition of martensite and the appearance of bainite lowered the strength of low carbon DP980.

Authors: Zhikai Guo, Hongbo Zhang, Mengying Li, Jingbao Liu, Liping Liu, Xiugang Tian, Yongliang Li, Mingshan Du, Yunhui Wang, and Yunge Wang

Keywords: DP980; soaking temperature; over-aging temperature; continuous annealing

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