Comparison of the Mechanical Properties of Different Quality Austenitic Stainless Steels after Wire Drawing




Abstract: Stainless steels are primarily utilized on account of their high corrosion resistance. However, the scope of excellent mechanical properties offered by the various classifications and grades within the family of stainless steel render them extremely versatile materials. Austenitic stainless steel wires are widely used in industrial applications and have a rapidly growing demand. With the wire drawing process, the mechanical properties change considerably after the diameter reduction process. In this study, the mechanical properties of austenitic stainless steels (304, 309 and 316L) were compared in three different qualities. As a result of experimental studies, the highest mechanical properties were observed in 304 and 309 series stainless steels, respectively. There is an effect on the phase transformation as well as the rate of cold deformation in the increase of mechanical properties.

Authors: Yılmaz Yildirim

Keywords: Stainless Steel, Wire Drawing, Mechanical Properties

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