Tempering Machine Design and Construction for PC Strand Production Process




Abstract: While large gaps on structures are economically dealt with Prestressed Concrete Beam, at the same time, large areas can be gained as well with the reduction of concrete crosssection. Also the deformations occurring in the prefabricate systems exposed to dynamic loads can be improved with the drawability feature of the steel. PC Strand production process is known for long years. During the production process, when any wire reel ends or any wire breaks, production stops and production is started after butt welding to wires. Also, before the production starts again, the tension between the capstans in the system is lowered, otherwise it is breaks from the wire welding point. This study is about the design and production of the tempering machine in order to make the tempering process after the welding process and continue the work of the system without lowering the load between the capstans again.

Authors:Yılmaz Yildirim and Mustafa Ozmen

Keywords: PC Strand, Tempering, Butt Welding

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