Improvement in Refractory Life of Smelting Reduction Furnace




Abstract: JFE Steel Corporation produces around 0.6 million tons of Cr-based ferritic stainless steel per year at Chiba Works and has a smelting reduction furnace which is usually used in smelting reduction of chromium ore and occasionally used in the steelmaking process for carbon steel or stainless steel by using top and bottom blown oxygen. The bottleneck in the refractory life of the smelting reduction furnace is the wear on the furnace bottom. In order to improve the furnace bottom refractory life, the CaO content of MgO-CaO-C bricks was increased by 6% and the thermal shock resistance of the bottom refractories was enhanced compared with the conventional ones. As a result, the wear rate of the furnace bottom refractories in smelting reduction blowing has been reduced, and refractory life increased by 8.4% compared with that before improvement.

Authors: Koichi Takahashi, Daisuke Kondo, Sohei Takagaki, Keisuke Adachi, Masanori Nishikori

Keywords: Smelting reduction of chromium ore, MgO-CaO-C bricks,
Heat spalling resistance, Thermal shock resistace

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