Control of Non-Metallic Inclusions in High Quality Saw Wires




Abstract: Control of inclusions in saw wires was studied and discussed in details, during which formation of smaller and well deformed plastic oxide inclusions was traditionally believed to be very significant. However, in present study, a new control concept was proposed, which targets the formation of multi-phased inclusions characterized by plastic inclusions matrix (mother phase) coexisting with un-deformable precipitates, viz., (MnO-SiO2-Al2O3)+SiO2. During the hot rolling and cold drawing fabrications, the un-deformable phase would help to separate the plastic mother phase into much smaller parts. The separated plastic parts would be ever thinner after multi-pass hot rolling and cold drawing while the un-deformable phase would be crushed into ever smaller pieces, and therefore can efficiently decrease the wire breakages in fabrication.

Authors: Min Jiang, Xin-Hua Wang, Kun-Peng Wang, and Ying Wang

Keywords: Inclusion; De-oxidation; Multi-phase; Silicon; Slag; Saw Wire

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